Marcus Employees

A Message From Greg Marcus

Dear Associate,

I wanted to tell you about an effort started by your fellow associates called “Marcus Cares.” They realize what you are going through is incredibly hard, and suggested putting in place a way to help with your challenges, and simply to stay in touch. This platform is a resource center to serve you. We hope it provides assistance and guidance until we can come back together again. This site consists of four key sections:

  • Communication hub for important company announcements
  • Job placement and transition links to current temporary employment opportunities with companies hiring locally and nationally until we can have you return. Plus, there are tips, tools and other general guidance to assist with a job search
  • Associate resource center with contacts to benefits, associate assistance and other key community, state and national resources
  • Link to a dedicated private Marcus Cares Facebook Group for all employees of Marcus who are active or temporarily laid off, to offer a social platform for employees to assist and engage with one another

We envision being a dynamic site that will change over time based on your needs and feedback. This is your site, created for associates to help ensure we all make it through these difficult times.

For 85 years, we have endured some hard times, and this will be no different. A key to getting through the challenges has been our understanding of the importance of our people. As a Marcus associate, we appreciate you and your many contributions. I also am proud of the team that led this effort; it’s what makes Marcus great. They give me the confidence that we will get through this together, because they understand the importance of supporting each other.

Greg Marcus